Which is the best month for your beach wedding in Isla Mujeres?

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A beautiful Wedding at Mía Reef Isla Mujeres


Isla Mujeres, a Magical Town surrounded by charming beaches, and the region of Mexico that receives the first rays of sun light, is beautiful all year round, however, if given a choice, a great majority of brides prefers a spring wedding when the climate is perfect as it is not yet rainy season. At Mia Reef Isla Mujeres we can also boast the best beach in Mexico, Playa Norte, where any couple’s dreams of holding their wedding in Paradise will be fulfilled.


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Sunset Wedding at Mía Reef Isla Mujeres


They will seal their love with an I do by the turquoise waters of the ocean or in a pier gazebo surrounded by water and rose petals. At Mía Reef  Isla Mujeres there is also a possibility of holding a beautiful Mayan ceremony, traditional yet spiritual, enveloped by the scent of flowers, incense and a deep feeling of love and devotion. 


“There are no small weddings, at Mía Reef the intimate ceremonies just for two are spectacular and comparable only to the most beautiful love stories”


No matter the size of the ceremony, the beauty of the landscapes, the lush nature, the love of details we are known for and the strength of love are all the perfect ingredients to begin an adventure together assured that the memories of the days by the sea will never be forgotten.

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Life together will begin as strongly as the sound of the waves, with the breeze as an accomplice. The private island where the hotel is located offers unique luxury and comfort in harmony with nature, which makes it the perfect place to seal a commitment of love.  The sunset of the wedding ceremony followed by next day’s sunrise will be truly unforgettable and only two of the many reasons why any moment is the right moment to stay and say I do in Mía Reef Isla Mujeres.


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