One of our main responsibilities as vacationers is to be respectful towards the destination we visit. This refers not only to the culture and traditions of the place but also to the environment. Take advantage of this Earth Day to become aware of what we can do to take care of the environment. Even on vacation! Here are some tips to take care of the Earth during your vacation.

The garbage has its place


If you see it, pick it up and throw it away. If you have it, put it in the right place. Beach destinations such as Isla Mujeres have the risk of ending up with garbage in the sea. This happens when it’s not placed in the right bin. When it reaches it, it affects not only the local marine life but the entire planet Earth. Waste travels with currents, becoming confused by animals with food or causing them physical damage. Sometimes we throw garbage into the sea by mistake, leaving unattended some wrapper that the wind carries. So don’t leave trash unattended at any time and better throw it where it belongs. Nowadays, trends such as recycling have been increasing and Isla Mujeres has not been left behind. Take this moment to start doing it if you don’t do it yet.

Use of biodegradable products


Nowadays, the market offers you everything. From sunscreen and suntan lotion to mosquito repellent. Just the products you need for your vacation in Isla Mujeres. However, think that applying these products on your skin will end up washing off little by little between the waves. For this, there are biodegradable products with an impact much lower than that of traditional products. In this way, you’ll leave a smaller mark on the water and the animals that inhabit it. With biodegradable products, you will protect the Earth and your body.

Respect for flora and fauna


When thinking of vacations in the Caribbean what comes to mind are fun water and adventure activities. Not only because they have become very popular, but because they allow you to get in touch with nature. Being able to have a natural world of such beauty within reach is a unique opportunity. Having it in front can be very alluring. However, keep in mind that for these species to thrive and continue to decorate the territory they must remain intact. Take care of your distance so as not to accidentally interrupt their natural processes. Also, don’t touch what you don’t know, especially if it can have harmful reactions in your own body. Do yourself a favor and the Earth and respect what makes it so beautiful and unique.

Nature is not a souvenir


sea-shells-tips-to-take-care-of-the-planetThere are times that at the bottom of the ocean or at the coastline we find something that captures our attention. They can be attractive shells or even living beings that seem to be only perched on the seabed. It goes through our heads that taking it doesn’t create great impact and that inside our room it would look beautiful. Wrong. Nature leaves no loose ends and each organism, living or dead, fulfills an important function within its ecosystem. Don’t take anything from the bottom of the sea and don’t buy the ones being sold outside. You will only encourage that they continue to extract more from the bottom. There are other pieces that you can take home to remember the holidays and that don’t affect Mother Earth.

Beach destinations such as Isla Mujeres are attractive mainly for their natural beauty. If we’re lucky enough to visit such a place during our vacations, the least we can do is take care of it. Do your part so that this remains the beautiful Caribbean paradise that so many people love. Try to remember these tips not only to celebrate Earth Day but also make it a constant habit.

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