Moments before the first rays of the sun begin to set on the beautiful Isla Mujeres, one must
be awake and ready to start a magical and unique adventure only possible in the Riviera

Every summer, the warm water of the Caribbean Sea receives a special guest: the whale
shark. These majestic specimens come to the area taking advantage of the cold and natural
water that emerges into the sea from the cenotes found throughout the peninsula which due
to the nutrients they carry, thus finding the ideal place to feed for a season and then continue
to explore the immensity of the ocean.

Do not miss out on the amazing opportunity to swim with the largest fish in the world. Go on
a tour from Isla Mujeres accompanied by expert and start this journey. Set sail from the
dock to enter the intense and infinite blue of the water as you travel at full speed in a boat
where you will listen attentively and curiously to the islanders as they share their many and
exciting experiences with this giant of the ocean.

Being a docile and somewhat disinterested species towards what swims around it, it will be
easy for you to approach them, at a respectful distance, and witness the magnitude of this
gentle giant and its imposing essence. You will feel an inevitable enthusiasm and an
indescribable emotion that can only be compared with butterflies in your stomach, making
even the last corner of your body tremble. The closer you get, the greater the impact, even
reaching the desire to scream underwater.

In Isla Mujeres, the Whale Shark Festival is celebrated year after year in which various
activities are held for locals and visitors in order to inform people about issues related to this
amazing marine species and how to responsibly coexistence with it. There is no better way
to learn about this huge fish than with emotion and respect.

Take advantage of the opportunities that life gives you to reflect on those wonders that we
can find on our planet and the importance of preserving them. The next time you visit Isla
Mujeres book a whale shark swimming tour and let yourself be enchanted by the amazing
experience. One of the best ways to enjoy the present is to let yourself be surprised by

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