statement covid 19

In MÍA Hotels & Resorts, we care about the health of our clients, partners and collaborators.

Following the guidelines of the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regarding the request for a negative COVID-19 test for all those who enter that country by air as of January 26, present year. We inform you of the measures that MÍA Hotels & Resorts has developed:

There will be modules in designated areas of each of our hotels, with the intention of facilitating the application of certified COVID-19 tests, by the hand of medical specialists and in alliance with certified emission laboratories.

COVID-19 tests will be applied at the hotel. To do this, during your stay you must go to the Concierge area to schedule your samplings, considering that they are valid for 3 days from the day the sample is taken.

Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm. If necessary, a schedule will be scheduled after 02:00 PM and also on Sundays.

The costs are as follows:

Ag Covid-19 test, $ 680.00 (Six hundred and eighty pesos with 00/100 M.N.).
SARSCov-2 RT-PCR test, $ 1,900.00 (Nineteen hundred pesos with 00 / 100M.N.).


If a positive test is found during the evaluations carried out in our facilities, it will be evaluated and proceeded following the instructions of the authorities, the hotel’s operations management and the procedure designated by the health safety committee; Likewise, it will be informed of the alternatives that exist for accommodation in the case of MIA Reef Isla Mujeres and MIA Bacalar Luxury Resort & SPA in accordance with the options presented by the Ministry of Tourism.

In this sense, guests who have prepaid nights and choose any of the hotels established to host positive cases, will be issued a certificate for the number of nights pending to enjoy, the validity of these certificates will be confirmed at the time of being granted.

We keep all our facilities completely sanitized and following the protocols indicated by the World Health Organization and the Mexican Ministry of Health, so that, from the moment of their reservation, all our guests will be informed about the facilities that will be provided to them. so that the tests are carried out within our facilities.

We maintain our commitment to provide all the necessary support for a safe return to your destination, therefore, we will be informing through our communication channels with clients, partners and collaborators, about the measures implemented and news.

We are under your command.


By provision of the United States government, all passengers who intend to enter the United States, in addition to the negative test, must present the attached document duly completed and signed.


The airlines will be able to segregate the review of documents to the counter for those who do not upload them.

Frequent Questions | COVID-19

The cost of the certified test ranges from $ 50.00 dollars. (antigen test) and $ 150 dls. (PCR), by test.

A. Our properties are adapting an appropriate space to carry out these tests in the Mía Reef Hotel, the Sport Bar is intended as an operation area to carry out the tests.
B. And at the Mía Bacalar Hotel, a SPA-type room is set up as an operation area to carry out the tests.

The response time will depend on the test chosen:
a. Original PCR from 24 to 48 hours
b. Rapid viral antigen test from 1 to 24 hours

The tests will be carried out with prior reservation with a minimum of 24 hours, within the facilities of our hotels.

The protocol established by the hotel’s operations management and the procedure designated by the health committee will be followed.

Yes, our facilities have a residential area for our guests who have tested positive and are asymptomatic, strictly carrying out the health protocols established by the corresponding authorities, however, in case of presenting any of For symptoms, it is recommended to go to the COVID hospitals that are in Cancun and for our hotel in Bacalar to go to the COVID hospitals of Chetumal

Our hotels understand the situation and we are in solidarity with our clients – guests and we will be granting them preferential rates which oscillate in our hotel in Isla Mujeres $ 80.00 UDS., Per person and in our Hotel in Bacalar a rate of $ 150.00 USD will be granted. per room (includes continental breakfast).

Concerned for the safety and physical integrity of you and your family Due to the geographic location of our hotels, it is not possible to accommodate guests with confirmed cases of COVID-19, so the protocol designated by the health and safety committee will be followed. Support will be provided for your change of accommodation to any of the options designated by the health secretary, hotel association and / or authorized agencies.

Yes, if it is necessary to apply the test to all guests from the United States and anyone who wishes to obtain their certified record for their return.

No, however, a protocol is established upon the arrival of our guests, clients and visitors which consists of:
a) Sanitizing mat is placed.
b) Take the temperature and write it down in a log.
c) Antibacterial Gel is provided.
d) Suitcases are sanitized.

Yes, the laboratory with which the agreement is held will issue the results in Spanish / English, for the convenience of our guests, clients and visitors.