Isla Mujeres, in addition to having one of the best beaches in the world, offers a new view of the place from the cultural projects that have been carried out with the support of the city council and local, national and foreign artists, the view of the city has been renewed. Island with murals that address various topics, among which agriculture, diving, legends, the nature of the place stand out, without forgetting the marine fauna of the island.

One of the things you can do in Isla Mujeres is see its murals


You can tour the island either by golf cart or taking a bicycle tour to see the murals that are now part of the urban image of the island and take a photo of the memory of these works that now embellish this destination. To be able to observe these works you can start the tour starting from the center of the island where you will find different murals. As part of the urban improvement in the municipal cemetery, the urban space was improved and this was intervened with other murals that now improve the view of the cemetery and has some of the best murals on the island.



Likewise, you can make a stop at Madera Food And Art, and at the Isla Mujeres Meteorological Station, in these you will find a local art gallery with handmade jewelry, local paintings and hand-carved wood art. We also recommend you visit the Municipal Market, in the center of the island where you will also find the murals that were made by local artists.


just one mural isla mujeres


In the House of Culture, you can find paintings that are exhibited, some are as part of the exhibition and others for sale, these works were made with different techniques. If you are an art fan or you like to appreciate and observe the different proposals of emerging artists, we recommend that you explore the island calmly and appreciate the urban image that these murals now give more color and life to the island, at the end of the things to do in Isla Mujeres, we recommend you take a break watching the sunset on the beach and take a photo for remember your stay on this paradise island.

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