Celebrating 4th of July in Mexico

Celebrating 4th of July in Mexico

The famous date known, even worldwide, as Fourth of July, is for the United States a very special day. It not only commemorates the Declaration of Independence of the thirteen colonies that until 1776 were under British rule, but it’s also an event that has contributed to the creation of the identity of its inhabitants. For this country it represents a whole day of celebration in the company of family and friends sharing funny anecdotes, cooling off from the heat of a sunny summer day with a refreshing drink and, of course, closing the night with a night sky that is painted with the colors of the national flag: blue, red and white.

However, this date is not always celebrated in its homeland. Due to the fact that it’s carried out in the summer season, many times people take advantage of the holidays to enjoy a family trip, being the Riviera Maya one of their favorite destinations. Many American citizens take advantage of both the date and the trip to reunite their family and friends in a paradise like the Mexican Caribbean to celebrate and not miss out on such an important date, making the most of it in the comfort of a hotel by the seashore.

Celebrating 4th of July in Mexico

While in the United States they go all out when celebrating their independence with parades, picnics, concerts, food contests and fireworks shows to bring out people’s patriotism. In Mexico, we try to capture one of the essential aspects of the celebration: food. BBQ’s are a tradition for all Fourth of July celebrations, and in Mexico, we try not to lose the habit. With endless options for bars and restaurants, inside and outside the hotels, so you can enjoy delicious snacks, wines, beers and other drinks and dishes specially decorated to feel at home. In addition, hotels such as Mia Reef Isla Mujeres offer iconic parties for their guests with rock bands, and DJ’s to pump up the crowd, and a dinner buffet at an extremely affordable price to awaken the patriotic sense, even outside the United States.

Give a Caribbean twist to the celebration, do not stay just with the delight of a tasty meal when you can make the most of the events that the Riviera Maya has prepared for you with parties in beach clubs, and when the night falls, enter the party world with DJs who will be responsible for awakening your dance skills and celebrate in a way only Mexico knows how.

Your next destination to commemorate the 4th of July does not necessarily have to be inside the United States, take advantage of a place with such fun activities and beautiful landscapes as Mexico to enjoy one of the most important summer celebrations in the United States.

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