It’s amazing how much beauty can fit on an island so small you can walk it from end to end. Isla Mujeres has been honored yet again with Tripadvisor’s travelers choice for “Best Beach in Mexico”. The beach in question; Playa Norte (North Beach), at the northernmost end of the island, with turquoise, shallow waters that fade into the horizon as they become a part of the sky.

Why “Playa Norte” is considered the best beach in Mexico?

Playa Norte has been chosen as the best beach in Mexico for a variety of reasons. Not only do the shades of the water seem as if they’d been taken from another world, but the water holds the precise depth for a relaxing and safe swim, it’s wide coastline with flour-like sand makes the perfect setting for a dream beach day, and its natural position makes a barrier to the waves leaving the water as flat as a pancake.

Playa Norte best beach Mexico

Playa Norte, the best beach Mexico & Isla Mujeres

A common hotspot for locals and tourist alike, since it’s very easy to reach (as we mentioned, the whole island is within walking distance). The beach is wide enough for everybody and the environment is so relaxed that it never really feels crowded. Lay your towel under the palm trees and watch the day turn into the night in the best beach in Mexico.

Live the #MiaExperience!

Enjoy the yacht show, find a nice place to eat, refresh yourself with your favorite drinks, and have fun with the many activities that the island offers. Oh! And remember there’s a place to do it all in an unparalleled location at the best beach in Mexico.

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