Las Marías

The best of gourmet Mexican cuisine is waiting for you in this classy restaurant with a vibrant Mexican-style atmosphere. This is the perfect scenario for a romantic dinner at Mia Reef Isla Mujeres by candlelight that will ignite the flame of love. Be prepared for an innovative culinary experience and delight your palate with the best Mexican flavors, such as gourmet guacamole, duck, lobster, fish and mole dishes, and also some special surprises that this All Inclusive Isla Mujeres resort has for you.

Hours: Monday ,Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with two reservation hours of 18:00 hr. And 20:30 hr.

Casual Dress Code.

Women: Summer dress, long or short skirt, pants or jeans. Shorts (depending on the occasion and weather), polo shirt, high collar, casual blouse with buttons.

Men: Pants or jeans. Polo shirt, turtleneck, casual shirt with buttons or a sweater. Moccasins, sneakers (with or without socks).