6 reasons why you should visit Garrafon

6 reasons why you should visit Garrafon

6 reasons why you should visit Garrafon

Garrafon Natural Reef Park is not your run-of-the-mill water park, there is not a water slide or a wave-pool in site; as its name suggests, its great attraction is the natural surroundings and the treasures of the Mexican Caribbean waters. The 6 reasons it is a must-see destination are all tied to that sea that we look at from inside, from outside and from above, let me explain:

Unique nature and beautiful views

Punta Sur, where the Park is located, is the south-most point where the first rays of the sun appear, with rock pathways leading to the point and to a view of the cliffs. It is the area where the waves crash into the island and where you can find the best of views the Caribbean. It is where you find the temple of Ixchel, goddess of the moon and fertility, and I am sure it is her we must thank for the abundance of unique natural landscapes and for all the magic.

6 reasons why you should visit Garrafon

Recreational activities

The park is not introspective or contemplative, although one of the reasons to get to know it are the landscapes that bring us to moments of reflection and silent musing, but those same landscapes can be experiences in very different ways through 3 recreational activities in the park; Snorkeling: Garrafon natural reef is the home of a great variety of marine species and friends like marine turtles that like to come and visit, Why not pay them a visit yourself?

Zip-lines: a wonderful lookout point 98 feet above sea level with adrenaline included, the closest to a bird’s eye view. Have you ever dreamt that you can fly?

Rowing on a kayak, you slide silently over the reef in a safe area inside the park, a unique and very fun way to get to know life in the water… without getting wet.

6 reasons why you should visit Garrafon


At Garrafon you will find two things that will bring you to “vacation mode”. The first one is the panoramic pool with a waterfall and one of the best views of the Caribbean and Cancun, here you must use your all inclusive to enjoy the landscape, the breeze and the cool water with a drink in your hand. The second is the white silk hand-made hammocks hanging between the palm trees, surrounded by greenery and the sound of the waves, which for many people is the description of Paradise and Garrafón can certainly deliver on that.

I limited myself to 6 reasons to let you know why Garrafon is a great gift wrapped in turquoise blue which you can’t deny yourself when you visit Isla Mujeres.

This is a great place to visit at Isla mujeres, travel to Isla Mujeres a great Mexican destination.

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