Traveling to a foreign country is one of the most amazing opportunities you’ll be able to experience in a lifetime. Getting to know new places, meeting new people and learning about different cultures is always enriching. Nonetheless, it’s normal to feel a little uneasy about how to communicate with the local people in a foreign language. Rest to sure that in Isla Mujeres you won’t have any problem finding English-speaking people. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ask for something in their mother tongue? Here you’ll learn 5 phrases in Spanish that will come in handy on your trip to Isla Mujeres:

¿Dónde está el ferry?


Because Isla Mujeres is an island, it will be helpful to know how to get in and out. The ferry leaves from Cancun at different times. At the port, you’ll have at your disposal printed schedules for you to be certain when to take it. Once you get to Isla Mujeres you’ll most likely be distracted by the beauty of the island and won’t pay much attention to the ferry port. Don’t worry too much about it. When the time to head back to the mainland arrives, just ask a local: “¿Dónde está el ferry?”. This translates to “Where’s the ferry?”. Isla Mujeres might be small in size but try to always pay attention to the directions given to you.

Lléveme al Hotel Mia Reef, por favor.

Yes, we know that asking for directions is one of our least favorite things to do on vacation. Yet it’s quite important if you intend to get anywhere. Sometimes maps aren’t updated or our phone apps don’t have good reception. The positive side is that we can always rely on the knowledge of local people. When entering your transportation of choice, such as a taxi, you’ll only need to say: “Llévame al Hotel Mia Reef, por favor”. This is a polite and nice way to say: “Take me to Hotel Mia Reef, please”. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be arriving at your hotel to start off your vacation.

¿Cuánto cuesta?

gift-shop-isla-mujeresIsla Mujeres, such as many of the touristic destination in Mexico, is packed with colorful souvenirs and handicrafts. Taking one home is a great way to save a nice memory of the time you spent on your vacation. The variety of options is vast and even overwhelming, but you’ll certainly find the right one. Once you have chosen it, the time to pay arrives. Most things come with a price tag, but there might be cases where it doesn’t. Watch out! This doesn’t mean it’s free, you’ll only have to ask for the price. Go to the cashier and ask: “¿Cuánto cuesta?”. This translates into “How much is this?”, which can also be used to ask for the prices of tours, entrances fees, and food or beverages.

¿Nos tomaría una foto?


Pictures are always a great way to capture memories for posterity. Even though you’ll be able to buy a selfie stick at any point, we sometimes look for a natural picture. Having someone else take your picture comes in handy, especially with the beautiful landscapes you’ll find in Isla Mujeres. You’ll only have to say: “¿Nos tomaría una foto?”, a polite way to say “Would you take our picture?”. This way you’ll be taking home some pretty memories of your time in the Mexican Caribbean.

¡Más cerveza por favor!


Remember that, after all, you are on vacation and that your main priority should be having fun. Lay back on a hammock at the beach and call the waiter for a special request: “¡Más cerveza por favor!”. This translates into “More beer please!”. This simple phrase will help you make sure that the cold beers never stop coming.

This 5 phrases in Spanish are easy to remember and will definitely come in handy during your trip. Try something new and learn a bit of Spanish before your vacation to Mexico. This will also make you bond with the local people. They always get happy when they see the tourists trying to blend in. Start practicing and come to Isla Mujeres!

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