Due to the pandemic, activities on Isla Mujeres were low, but little by little the island is recovering, and so are tourist attractions such as snorkeling, paddling and driving around the island in golf carts.

 Isla Mujeres is a safe place to travel because preventive measures are taken in all places to avoid the risk.

Do you know what can you do in isla mujeres?

Take a New Year’s Eve vacation and escape to the open beach in Isla Mujeres Relax and enjoy the amenities and activities in Isla Mujeres offers you, enjoy the nature that the island offers, take a massage to rejuvenate in our facilities, or take a catamaran tour to get to know the island much better, if you like adventure, swim with whale sharks in the middle of the year because it is a better season to meet them, and they enjoy the sun shining in the sea at sunset.

safe travel Hotel Mia Reef is located on the north beach, a privileged place for having its own private island and the favorite place of many to snorkel because of its proximity to the reefs. Escape to a safe place and enjoy the beach of Isla Mujeres.

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  1. Jack

    If I bring my fishing gear are we able to fish from the beach or other areas of the resort property?

    1. Mia Reef Hotel

      You can find in other areas of the island places where you can fish and it is destined for fishing, in the Hotel there are no places destined for fishing.

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