Discover the Mayan ruins at Isla Mujeres


You can cross the entire Isla Mujeres from one tip to the other in around half hour. Do me and yourself a favor and prove it on a motorcycle, a golf cart or a taxi ; experience the tranquil waters of Playa Norte and then visit the opposite tip of the island from where you can see Cancun and enjoy quite a different experience. If you have ever been left speechless or breathless by the beauty of a landscape or the witchcraft of a setting, believe me, that is how it will be at the Cliff of the Dawn.


As it is explained by a sign in the rocks “It is the southern-most tip of Mexico. Located at latitude 21°12’05.2” North and longitude 86°42’39” East, the Cliff of the Dawn is the part of our country to be touched by the first rays of the sun every morning.


Punta Isla Mujeres


The words used by visitors to describe it are: impressive, majestic and unmissable, truly spectacular and there are others still who have felt their energy reloaded and emphasize the peace you feel there and the sense of freedom you get from the breeze, the sound of the sea, the rays of the sun, the seagulls, the iguanas, the curving paths, the sea turtles and the spectacular colors of the water that range from turquoise to green depending on the sunlight


Whether it be just to take a  selfie, as someone has called it the most instagrammable place in the world, or to enjoy an intimate moment of meditation and harmony, no matter from what perspective or point of view you look at it or feel it, this place could never be called a ruin, yes there is mistake in the title… it is really a beautiful living postcard, however no photo will ever do it justice because you need to feel it; the ambiance, the scents, the true colors and sounds of nature which no  digital image could ever aspire to.


Isla mujeres punta sur


What is the conclusion? That there is no conclusion and no end to this immense and beautiful Caribbean sea, that we must take care of it, that we should pay the 30 pesos they charge at the entrance as a maintenance fee, that we should enjoy the small local food restaurants and rent a golf cart so that we can see the island all in one day and that this place is yours and mine to take care of and love.  So maybe in the end the conclusion or the short of it all is that we should all be islanders for a day or two or three. Enjoy Isla Mujeres to the fullest and wake up early one day to discover this treasure at its finest hour, It is truly worth it!

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