Blog | MIA Reef Hotel Isla Mujeres - Part 3
The secret behind the name: Isla Mujeres
In front of the north coast of Quintana Roo resides, hidden on the horizon, an island of incomparable beauty. Isla …
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Celebrating 4th of july in Mexico
The famous date known, even worldwide, as Fourth of July, is for the United States a very special day. It …
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5 incredible ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Isla Mujeres
The original celebrations for Mother’s Day date back to ancient Greece, and nowadays they have become a tradition throughout the …
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5 traditional Mexican dishes that you must try in your next vacation to Isla Mujeres.
Traditional Mexican dishes are well known for its mestizo characteristics, thanks to which we are able to taste fascinating dishes …
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best beach in Mexico playa norte
Best beach in Mexico, Playa Norte
It’s amazing how much beauty can fit on an island so small you can walk it from end to end. …
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Isla Mujeres, the Caribbean paradise in Mexico
The mystery, history and the paradise of the Caribbean; live in Mexico The magic of the Caribbean Sea that has …
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Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs
Mexico is full of wonders in every corner so it wouldn’t be fair if the only memoir you get to …
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