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Which is the best month to get married in Isla Mujeres?

Which is the best month for your beach wedding in Isla Mujeres? A beautiful Wedding at Mía Reef Isla Mujeres   Isla Mujeres, a Magical Town surrounded by charming beaches, and the region of Mexico that receives the first rays of sun light, is beautiful all year round, however, if given a choice, a great majority of […]

Romantic spots in Isla Mujeres

The Caribbean islands are always an excellent decision when choosing a romantic destination. How does the idea of paradisiacal beaches, excellent food, and dream sights sound? Imagine as a clear vision materializes of what it would be like to make this trip with a special person. Fortunately, such a place exists and is much closer […]

5 traditional Mexican dishes that you must try in your next vacation to Isla Mujeres.

Traditional Mexican dishes are well known for its mestizo characteristics, thanks to which we are able to taste fascinating dishes combining flavors that date back to pre-Hispanic times, and the significant Spanish influence provided by the conquest and colonization period. That’s why we can find such delicious and varied recipes scattered all over the country. […]

Mexico celebrates the vaccine for Covid-19

Mexico contract with the pharmaceutic the get 34.4 millones of vaccines for combat covid 19. The expectative is recibe 250 000 dosis for this month, and coming the apply the vaccine in the first days of the month.

Putting a stop to Covid – 19

To reduce the risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. At Hotel Mia Reef we implement public health strategies, which are recommended to reduce the risk of contagion.

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