5 fun summer activities in Isla Mujeres

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Going to a paradise island like Isla Mujeres to spend your summer vacation sounds like a lovely idea on its own. However, not everything can be rest and relaxation, especially in a place that offers so many fun summer activities where you will spend endless days filled with emotion in the company of your family. With only 8 kilometers long and 4 wide, it becomes the perfect spot for those who search for the outdoor life.

Here are 5 fun activities to spend an unforgettable summer in Isla Mujeres:

  1. Garrafón Park: This natural park is known for its reefs and cliffs that will allow you to dive deep into the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean and a beautiful blue ocean, home to some of the most interesting species in the marine world. It offers more than 20 amazing adventure activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and zip-lines. Besides offering some relaxing activities such as a temazcal (Mayan sauna), panoramic pools and a hammock area where you’ll be able to rest below the shade of palm trees.
  2. Discover an underwater world
    snorkeling in isla mujeres mia reef
    Snorkeling activities in Isla Mujeres

    Isla Mujeres has created itself a reputation of being a place with an abundant marine life found in reefs and sunken ships. Therefore, it is not surprising that scuba diving and snorkeling are among its main attractions. Discover more than 50 sites that can only be described as beautiful underwater gardens no more than 25 minutes away from the island and just a few meters below the water for you to find yourself surrounded by colorful fishes. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to visit MUSA, the underwater museum with submerged sculptures with the goal, besides attracting tourists, of preserving the reef system to make marine life grow.

  3. Swim with the whale shark 
    Whale shark activity Isla Mujeres
    Whale shark activity Isla Mujeres

    Experience the wonderful adventure of swimming side by side with this gentle giant of the sea in an unforgettable tour. The early risers set sail at the break of dawn to find among the waters of the Caribbean Sea one of the largest fishes in the world. Witness impressive and harmless creatures that reach up to 14 meters long. Enjoy of one of the best experiences in the company of this colossal shark that feeds only on plankton. In addition, during the summer you can enjoy next to the local people the Annual Whale Shark Festival to celebrate the arrival of these magnificent beings with family activities that aim to raise awareness about the importance of protecting these species.

  4. Punta Sur
    Punta Sur Isla Mujeres
    Punta Sur Isla Mujeres

    Known as the highest point of Isla Mujeres and the Yucatan Peninsula. From where, as rumor has it, the Mayan gods looked after the Caribbean Sea. At this particular spot, you’ll find the famous lighthouse of the island, a viewpoint that will offer you a spectacular sight of the sea, sculptures and the vestiges of the Mayan temple of the goddess Ixchel. The area, due to its location in the Isla Mujeres bay, is thought to have been of great importance in the Mayan navigation route during the pre-Hispanic era as well as a spiritual space that connected this ancient civilization with the goddess of fertility and codices. Nowadays, Punta Sur keeps us in direct contact with the past and allows us to witness unparalleled sunsets and sunrises.

  5. The Turtle Farm: The underwater world comprises a vast amount of beautiful species that we often have the opportunity to see only in photographs, but in Isla Mujeres, you’ll be able to find the Tortugranja (Turtle Farm). A space that gives you the opportunity to get to know first-hand different species such as seahorses, sea cucumbers, lobsters and starfishes where you will learn a little bit about their life cycle, among other interesting facts. However, its main attraction, as the name implies, are the turtles. In addition to showing them as an exhibition to the public, the Tortugranja has the primary objective of taking care of the turtle eggs, bringing them to fruition and then releasing these small creatures in their natural habitat. An unparalleled experience of which you can be part of in your next trip to Isla Mujeres since at the end of summer they ask for public’s help to free them by guiding their way to the ocean.

Isla Mujeres is known as the hidden gem of the Mayan Riviera. An island that, despite being small in size, is big in beauty. A paradise that maintains the authentic heritage of Mexican culture and combines it perfectly with incomparable landscapes and an extreme appeal for nature lovers that give value to a vacation where they can get in touch with the wonders of the place they visit. Do not think about it too much and choose Isla Mujeres and their fun summer activities on your next vacation.

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June 13, 2018
Any recommendations on a tour company for the whale shark tour, from Mia Reef Hotel, July 10 or 11??
June 16, 2018
Hello Rich! We recommend you to call directly at the hotel or make your pre-booking by contacting the hotel ext 1549, the trip is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes leaving Isla Mujeres until the sighting, 10 people on a boat, when you find the shark enters the water in pairs in a time of 2 to 5 minutes (they can repeat) max. 3 times since it is very tiring to follow the speed of the shark, there is a drink service and a fish ceviche snack. For costs and more information to be communicated directly to the hotel MEX +52 (998) 881 3900 / USA & CAN 1 877 243 78 83 ext 1549. It will be a pleasure to receive you! :)

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