The original celebrations for Mother’s Day date back to ancient Greece, and nowadays they have become a tradition throughout the world in order to pay tribute to our mother figures and show them our love and gratitude for their devotion. There are many ways to celebrate and we can find thousands of ideas for gifts

  Mexican cuisine is well known for its mestizo characteristics, thanks to which we are able to taste fascinating dishes combining flavors that date back to pre-Hispanic times, and the significant Spanish influence provided by the conquest and colonization period. That’s why we can find such delicious and varied recipes scattered all over the country.

Mexico is full of wonders in every corner so it wouldn’t be fair if the only memoir you get to take back with you is a small keychain or a refrigerator magnet. That’s why we made a list of 10 souvenirs that you must get to take a little bit of Mexico with you. Enjoy!

The mystery, history and the paradise of the Caribbean; live in Mexico The magic of the Caribbean Sea that has inspired poets and has seen the love incarnate in everyone who lives it. The colors of the water seem as if they were taken from another reality. It’s hard to believe what we see because